Event moderation

With Joram Seewi your event becomes an all-round success. He weaves a common thread just for you and steers with finesse and aplomb through your program. He is always close to your guests, and you can lean back and kick back while Joram Seewi covers your back. Just trust in the decadelong experience of this stage professional.

Want a foretaste?

  • For the prize-giving at the "Sports ball of Gelsenkirchen" he compiled a complete overview of the sports scene in the Ruhr region and transformed the event with well fitting words into an unforgettable experience for athletes and guests alike.
  • He kept an eight-hour tribute marathon of AachenMünchner Versicherungen riveting, captivating the audience with well-dosed interaction and by interspersing pointed commentaries on the financial services sector.
  • For the anniversary of SOLVAY (International Chemical Group) he worked out a company chronicle of a hundred years of the company's headquarters colorful history, fine-tuning it in close co-ordination with SOLVAY's marketing department.

Evening gala

At a soiree moderat or Joram Seewi gets your guests in the right mood. With the very first sentences he brings fresh energy to any event, and his up-tempo style wins the audience over in a flash.

An evening of entertainment, maybe coupled with a few speeches, will be much better received: Joram Seewi announces acts, inaugurates the buffet or conducts a raffle. This keeps your gala event in a state of flux and no voids can arise.

Joram Seewi is ever-present and has a sure feeling for the moment—you, too, can benefit from his experience of more than 2000 events!

Client quote

  • "Your confident way and your manifold moderation made the SG Stern Ball into a big success!" Günther Pauler, CEO SG Stern (Daimler Sportwelt)


An anniversary is an occasion that you only celebrate "once in a blue moon". Therefore you want to make sure that everything is just perfect, nothing may go wrong. This calls for a moderator with lots of experience, who knows the ins and outs of anniversary festivities. Ceremonially and never constrained, reputably and at the same time in a relaxed manner Joram Seewi brings a personal note to the event. This ist good for your image and will make a lasting impression on the employees as well.

Client quote

  • "It bespeaks great experience as a moderator and a lot of instinctive feeling to address an audience of 1500 viewers in a large party tent in such a way as to create a—one could even say—cozy atmosphere."Rainer Zimmermann, CEO AZO Ltd.

Company celebration

A company celebration can mean pure fracas. Whether it's a yearly meeting or an incentive program, whether it's a shorter afternoon event or a longer gala evening, it needs a lot of coordination. Moderator Joram Seewi is the man to take control and hold the reins, structuring your event and giving it a clear outline. Confidently overlooking the scene he moderates in different venues and always keeps the audience happy. Everybody gets all the necessary information and with Joram Seewis charming appeal a pleasant and agreeable atmosphere is guaranteed.

Client quote

  • "The honoring of the offices and the employess in our 'Night of stars' is supposed to be the icing on the cake of this event. Because of your moderation this has turned out perfectly!" Hasso von Düring, Chairman of the board TUI Deutschland

Customer event

Joram Seewi assumes the responsibility for your company communication for your society, clib or company. Through detailed preperation he is absolutely experiencing your subject-matter at first hand, thus he can get your important points across. After years and years of live shows he has accumulated a wealth of experience and now possesses a sensitivity and an intuition for all sorts of situations and audiences. He knows how to keep audiences involved even if the topics are allegedly difficult or supposedly dry. If it suits the occasion he can also fall back on his repertoire as a business-juggler to lend his words additional visuality in a unique fashion.

Client quote

  • "With your bilingual moderation you reached all our guests, a motley international group, perfectly." Wolfgang Moyes, CEO SIMONA AG

Staff party

You want your staff party to run smoothly, but you just want to be able to lean back and relax so you can participate as if you were a guest yourself? That means to outsource the moderation and to hire a professional. Joram Seewi moderierates a staff party in such a way, that everybody feels at easy and quickly enters in a party mood. At the same time Joram Seewi keeps the timetable in sight and tailors his bits minutely so that every item on the agenda—be it guest speaker, entertainment, band or buffet—gets the attention it derserves.

Client quote

  • "Our guests were enchanted by your style of moderation. Charmingly and with wit you always struck the right notes." Klaus Schnizler, Head of Eventmanagement, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Press conference

Client quote

  • "Thank you so much for this wonderfully put together evening!" Axel Bauer, Fraunhofer Institute Aachen, Colloquium for laser technique
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