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Please enter and get to know Joram Seewi,

a modern moderator for highly diverse events. Be it conference, gala evening, trade fair or seminar – with Joram Seewi your event is in good hands right from the start. From your first draft he assists you and makes time for detailed briefing. In that way he can guarantee you a moderation which is individually tailored to your cause and communicates your content with utmost precision.

At the same time he remains relaxed and entertaining—take advantage of his yearslong experience onstage!

Joram Seewi has excellent credentials from all kinds of industries, e. g. Coca-Cola, Samsung, Vodafone, Mercedes, SIEMENS, Union Investment, Henkel, SONY, VOLKSWAGEN, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, to name but a few.

Client quote

  • "Your work as moderator of this event was very well received by this sophisticated expert audience! Your timing was perfect!" Matthias Scherrer, Superintendent Quality Management, Mercedes

Best credentials, satisfied customers and a wealth of experience

Moderator Joram Seewi's satisfied customers

Moderator Joram Seewi has been a staple on stages and at events of all kinds for more than two decades now. Over 2000 times has he in that time conducted highly diverse functions and meetings for his clients with a steady hand. Masterfully and professionally the audiences were addressed by Joram Seewi in each and every case. Many global players trust in his expertise time and time again, and you, too, can profit from his expert knowledge! Moderator Joram Seewi presents himself in a situation-related way on every occasion, be it an opening ceremony, the presentation of a new medicament, at an anniversary, at a soiree or at a press conference. Chances are that moderator Joram Seewi knows your branch of industry quite well, too—or maybe he's already worked in it!

Some facts about the moderator Joram Seewi:

  • Born in 1969 in Cologne, Germany
  • 1984–1985 exchange student in Michigan, USA
  • German "Abitur" 1987
  • 1988–1990 studies of communication research and phonetics at the University of Bonn under Winfried Lenders, Wolfgang Hess and Michael Mennen at the "Institut für Sprach-, Medien- und Musikwissenschaft in Bonn" (formerly "Institut für Kommunikationsforschung und Phonetik"). Emphasis: Speaking with a microphone under recording studio conditions
  • Since 1990 national and international event moderator, shifting his barycenter from speaking in a studio to speaking live in front of live audiences
  • Moderation in German and English
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