Moderator for trade fairs

When it comes down to it, you want a lot of hustle and bustle at your exhibition stand, a lot of action at your booth, it should teem with interested guests and potential new clients! Your products and range of services should attract attention and have to be presented in the best possible way. Oftentimes on a fair you have a mixed international clientele.

Joram Seewi livens up your stand and gets crowds there. He communicates your content and your messages charmingly and in a knowledgable way. With lots of experience he creates much motion on and around your stand. In English and/or German he pulls the fairgoers closer and in a likeable manner presents your products in the proper light—precise, pristine, and promotional. That effectively kills two birds with one stone: you get a crowd puller who also informs pointedly!

Client quote

  • "Our international guests were delighted by your english moderation!" Anke J. Rüttgers, Head of Marketing, Lurgi Zimmer
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