Sales presentation

Whenever you want to introduce a new product successfully, you have to address the feelings as well as the intellect of your clients. This works best live and in direct contact. Moderator Joram Seewi is an old hand at such presentations, a communication professional who knows how to enthrall guests. He gets them involved, arouses interest and builds up a warm atmosphere. While doing that he gets the properties and advantages of your product across in a comprehensible way. That creates a connection between your clients and your product, because after briefing, research, and preparation Joram Seewi knows the ins and outs of your product and its benefits for your clients. In English and German he ties in onlookers, creates positive tension, and informs matter-of-factly, respectably, congenially, and comprehensibly.

Client quote

  • "Your likeable moderation fascinates us and our clients again and again, and we are already looking forward to your next booking for our company." Ulrich Nitschke, CEO TOYOTA Car dealership Nitschke
  • "The trenchant presentation of our vehicles was bang on target!" Lothar Feuser, CEO TOYOTA Germany
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