Chairing a conference

Joram Seewi structures conferences as in accordance with customer's wishes. His goals are motivated participants and a pooling of concentration. To achieve it he caters to the needs of your company, like he did for SIEMENS, Munich: in the early morning he draws the audience out with an original warm-up and puts them in the right mood for the topics of the day. With humorous moderations during breaks he keeps the attention high and the participants in a good mood. That way even the last speaker gets to enjoy a fresh and alert audience.

Client quote

  • "During the day you knew how to focus the attention of the participants again and again and to foster a very positive atmosphere to keep the receptiveness for the difficult content high." Dr. Ulrich Birner, Principal, Siemens

Panel show

Employ for your discussion forum the competence and experience of Joram Seewi! He adapts himself to your subjects and quickly becomes aquainted with complex issues.

After precise preparation he incorporates your vital topics into the discussion in a lively and expedient way. Like he did in a panel show for Mercedes Nutzfahrzeuge (Utility vehicles), in which the quality management of the company is put on the testing bench. The talk is a pleasant mix of accurate subject-specific questions and personal interview. Every participant in the discussion group is actively engaged, and this keeps the minds of the audience in line.

Client quote

  • "You let loose in such an irresistable manner, that the audience chimed in naturally and joyfully, staying with you all the time!" Peter Neuhaus, CEO VR-Bank Südthüringen

Specialist interviews

When they hear the words "specialist interview" even experts tend to "deenergize" inside and to just shut down gracefully. But with Joram Seewi as moderator substantially more than facts are sounded out and not just content gets perused. Quite the contrary: a real dialog leads to most interesting conversations which the audience members can follow easily and with pleasure.

Joram Seewi doesn't see himself as a mere "prompter". Instead he leads the interview skillfully and knowledgably, creates a positive vibe and presents the expert in the proper light. For HAUS Pharma he interviewed olympic decathlon silvermedalist Frank Busemann on the topic "Maxing out your potential".

Workshop and seminar

Joram Seewi brings a structure into your workshop. As a moderating seminar facilitator he creates a climate which is conducive to learning and working and which offers everybody optimal conditions.

E. g. for the Rheinisch Westfälischen Genossenschaftsverband (RWGV) he developed a strategy for a motivational workshop after intensive research and briefing. By using specific creativity techniques the difference between "Visualization" und "Intellectualization" was worked out. Participants could tap into their personal potential and had a real hands-on experience doing so.

Client quote

  • "Once more I want to thank you very much for your moderation at our Monega-Events! Your contribution was a key factor to make these events stand out from similar meetings. I am certain that our ways will cross even more often in the future." Bernd Zens, Chairman of the board DEVK Insurances
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